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We look forward to making yourselves self reliable and economically independent also we look forward to make this society brighter and SMARTER!



Together we can achieve the dream. Because, life’s battles don’t always go to the strong and the brave man, but the man who wins is the man who thinks “He can” & we believe in our “SMART Society” so, we are united.


Zest for advancement towards self-reliance.


SMART Society in-vision a future (world) when every poor and marginal farmers, prospective entrepreneurs, educated unemployed youths and socially excluded women participating into the development of an equitable and sustainable society through work culture and respect for each other in an exploitation free society without having poverty, inequality and social injustices. In this society agricultural revolution will lead to industrial revolution resulting in progress and prosperity of the farmers, small producers, young entrepreneurs, poor women and all other sections of the society.


Dispersion Of Self-Reliance.

About Us

SALAI Holding Private Ltd., a holding Company of SALAI Group of Companies came into existence in the year 2014 with the unanimous chapter wise decision of the Management Committee of SALAI Group of Companies operating in India. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated business, most of them united under the SALAI Brand. To immensify and expand the modus operandi of the volume of business the group is diversified into areas including food processing, edible oil & refinery, banking service, construction works, solar energy solution, healthcare,marketing of the processed food products etc. viz. SMART Society a non-governmental organization (SMART Universal Academy, SALAI LaithouShanglen, Community Care Centre of Moreh), SMART Micro Finance, SALAI Marketing And Recovery Team, SALAI Agricultural Research Centre (Laboratory), SMART Medicare, SALAI Sports Team, SALAI Guest House,SALAI Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. (SALAI Rice Plant, SALAI Edible Oil & Refinery Plant, SALAI Flour Plant, SALAI Mushrooms),SALAI Mart Pvt. Ltd. (chain of departmental stores) SALAI Construction Pvt. Ltd. ( SALAI Iron & Steel Fabrication, SALAI Construction Materials, SALAI Labour Cell, SALAI Construction Machineries, SALAI Real Estate) SALAI Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd., SALAI Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., SALAI AgriConsortium Pvt. Ltd. (Dog Rearing & Training Centre, Fish Farm), SALAI Asia-Pacific Region EXIM Pvt. Ltd. SALAI Biotech Park Pvt. Ltd. and SMART Land Development Co-Operative Bank Ltd. SALAI Groups has a powerful influence on North East India Economic Development, politics, media and cultures, and will be a major driving force behind the “Vision 2020” of the Look East policy of Indian Economy. Thus, SALAI Group of Company has been formed along the ongoing transformation journey of SMART Society in India towards Self-Reliant SMART Society.

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